Skywatch Friday Autumn Arrives

Autumn has finally arrived in Southern California on the usual schedule just before Thanksgiving.

The roof on the second story of my house has been repaired and new shingles patched into bare spots,all the vent flashing has been resealed and the roofer did a great job. There are a few places I do not go around the house even when repairs are needed,on the roof and under the house in the crawlspace.

I did chip out 2 4ft long courses of brick from the front planter in order to salvage them from the plumbing work due next week. I know now,after chipping,chiseling and prying out bricks and pavers that there is no future for me as a Mason or even a hod carrier! That is flat out the hardest work I have ever done! I wanted to save the old bricks from 1954 so they still matched when I put the back in a couple weeks.

These photos were all taken on the way to the post office Wednesday morning. The lovely Autumn leaves will be all brown and crunchy in another week or two but for now they are ours to enjoy!

See more November skies at :

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6 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Autumn Arrives

  1. Fall has definitely arrived in your neck of the woods, and it is beautiful this year. Our autumn was lovely, too, but it is all gone now except for little areas here and there. These last days of rain really knocked off the leaves. Your captures are so full of beautiful color. Lovely. genie

  2. We don’t get much in the way of fall colors here in S CA, but you captured it well!

  3. Overtiredmum

    Very pretty colours. Helps that they are backed by blue.

    Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. May have been hard work but just think of how it’s tightened up those bingo wings!

  4. Interesting colours 🙂

  5. Ahhhhhhhhh, fall leaves……

    Sometimes I think it is really Greensboro. Sometimes I think you are really me! Hope you had a happy Turkey Day. Keep the posts coming!

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