Skywatch Friday Adventures in home repair


Wednesday I had my entire front lawn torn apart and a new sewer line was installed to replace the root riddled 60 year old clay pipe that was about to give way.I also replaced the toilet that was original to the house so everything is new “Seat -to-street”.


The weather was so nice,mid to high 70s with a sky full of thin high clouds the kind that portend wind in the near future. All the work was done well and swiftly,the guy who drove the Bobcat was a real artist with that machine. Dug under my walkway so we didn’t have to saw it out and pour the cement to fix it,it looks untouched. When the time came to fill in the 30 foot long4-5 foot wide 4-5 foot deep hole he did that like a pro too,even flipped the sections of grass over with the tines of the scoop so what I have is a lumpy yet soon to be green again yard.

While the plumber worked ,the Bobcat driver was wandering around looking bored so I asked if he would come look at the weeds in the alley and give me an estimate on how much it would cost to scrape the area next Spring. He looked and said he would do it right now since he was here …for free!

Nice work gentlemen!

Before I celebrated this too much the Wind came up last night and has been whipping Southern California with cold NNE winds sustained at 15-25mph and gusts of 70-90 mph.

This last photo is of my gate and the last section of wooden fence in the alley. At least there was a fresh cushion of newly scraped weeds to land on! It too will be replaced soon.

See more sky,windy and not so much at :

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5 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Adventures in home repair

  1. Your neighborhood looks a lot like mine! I’m here in S. CA, have clay pipe going to the street. Unfortunately for me, I have a large beautiful tree in my front yard (directly over my clay sewer line!!). One of these days I will need to have this same work done, but will need to have the tree removed first 😦

  2. I’ll bet you’re so happy to have that job done! Now you can relax on your “seat”. I see you have a peaceful, clear blue sky too.

  3. Hi Janis, your home project was done perfectly before the winds and rain last night.

    There are so many explored parks and hiking trails in the Santa Monica mountains. I belong to many hiking groups, and I join them whenever I can,

    Hope to share more photos.

  4. Ha. ha, I love your description of seat to street.

  5. i’ve heard you are getting some crazy santa ana winds out there….i actually miss that! what a big project that looked like!

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