Skywatch Friday A rather blustery week

A little over a week ago our neighborhood had new transformers installed as part of So Cal Edison’s infrastructure upgrades. A couple of days later Southern California was hit with very cold and in some areas 70-90 mph winds. Power was knocked out to thousands of residents in multiple counties. Pasadena and Baldwin Park were hard hit,trees and lines down,homes and shops damaged even Colorado Blvd had to be closed to traffic due to dangerous conditions. The city leaders assure us all will be cleaned up,repaired and perfect again by New Years day and the Rose Parade.

Our power stayed on(Thank you Edison!) but the last section of 40 year old wooden fence slammed down into the alley during the first night of wind. These were not the Santa Ana winds we normally get around here,they were cold and coming in from the other direction,NNE,stressing things that were not used to leaning that way.

On the upside the alley is clean and I have learned to set a post in cement and hang the gate up on said post. Two more sections will follow at a later date!

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2 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday A rather blustery week

  1. I would not want to be up that pole in such a wind!

  2. Weather has power – its sure. His a bit high up in the sky – but I hope it was`nt in that wind ? :0)

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