December 2011 Full Cold Moon

December 10th marked the Full Cold Moon which also will mark the completion of my documentation of each Full Moon of the year 2011.

This moon is called Cold for the obvious reasons,that December has welcomed Winter fully and the true cold has settled  in the Northern Hemisphere.This is sometimes called the Long nights Moon as well since the moon is visible for longer than at other times of the year.

December 10th 2011 was the occasion of a full eclipse of the full moon visible from the Western United Stated,Canada and most of the Pacific rim. Southern California  viewed the eclipse at 6 am Saturday morning. I did get up to check on the site but was disappointed by fog rolling up the canyon to the West.

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One thought on “December 2011 Full Cold Moon

  1. Wow – look at that moon – beautiful! I understand that the eclipse made the moon look orangey (seemed like that over here and it looks like it was in you photos). I noticed that you had lots of moons but not clicked that you were catching all the full moons. In the UK you would have managed 2 or 3 because of the clouds and rain!

    What’s the challenge for next year?

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