An Adipose Awaits

This Adipose arrived the evening of December 25th,as the really terrifying Dr.Who creatures are wont to do. I have a certain amount of respect for the BBC because in the middle of Christmas joy and cheer they choose to scare the pudding out of London residents by airing a wonderfully frightening Dr. Who special. Things always work out in the end he IS the Dr. after all!

Today is the second day of the new year 2012 and the little Adipose still lurks on the large stone in the front yard.I kept an eye on it as it quietly watched me re-seed the grass and add topsoil. Note: The Adipose does not mind a shower as I accidentally sprinkled it when watering the lawn.

If the situation changes I will post results if I am able.

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2 thoughts on “An Adipose Awaits

  1. Ha! I can’t believe the little Adipose is still there! Rad.

  2. Christina

    Love it! lol!

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