Winter Branches Skywatch Friday

At least the deciduous trees have remained bare branched this week. Those ornamental pear and plum trees that have no idea how to behave because the very root stock they come from is disturbed have been leafing and blooming as if it is Spring. In their defense the temperatures have been very warm even for a Southern California version of Winter.  Won’t they be surprised when we have our normal cold snap in February and rain throughout March!

To see more of the sky above us go to:

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5 thoughts on “Winter Branches Skywatch Friday

  1. Let’s hope we get rain in March. Here in NorCal it has been warm (for us) as well and I am hoping that the fruit trees will stay dormant.

  2. Mark Kreider

    I think we’re going to continue to see more of our expected patterns in nature changing. A lot of our birds no longer migrate.

  3. I love the contrast of naked trees and blue skies . . . beautiful

  4. The trees are confused in my neck of the woods also! Love the blue sky in this shot!

  5. It seems as plants all over the northern hemisphere are confused this year. Here I heard of people picking roses in their gardens in early December, something that should be impossible. It started snowing shortly after that, but things are still far from normal. It’s a strange winter.

    Have a nice weekend =)

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