Skywatch Friday California Grass

Not THAT kind of grass! The try to cover the lumpy brown spots left from major plumbing dig sort of lawn grass!

I put out Winter rye and topper early this month to get a little green going and was surprised to find myself watering every other day due to the very warm and dry January we had had so far this year. I was worried the seed would not take due to the middle 70 to 80 degree temperatures since it is Winter seed.

Finally there is a haze of new tender green shoots rising from the soil! They took their time basking just under the topper but here they are the new Winter Rye seed lawn sprouts of 2012,welcome to the front yard,I will bring you some friends from Bermuda in the late Spring.

The sky which has been the hazy blue you see above is about to turn cloudy for the weekend and give the new grass a drink of unclorinated water.

I think I will make a big pot of Navy Bean  soup this weekend and watch the grass grow!

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9 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday California Grass

  1. What lovely captures of textures and contrasts.

  2. LOL…I like your sense of humor…good luck with the grass…hope it grows n grows n grows n grows!!!

  3. Beautiful shots! It’s very close and I like the green color compare to ours here all are white, covered in snow. ^_^


  4. Looks like the new stuff is coming in nicely. Great perspective on that first photo.

  5. Congratulations on the new grass – I’ve found grass seed always plays mind tricks, just when you are beyond hope and have decided to replant, it appears.

    So what is Navy bean soup – does it refer to the colour or the type of bean – off to google!

  6. Sounds yummy, never heard of navy beans, they look like cannellini beans. The soup (minus the ham, which I don’t do) sounds just what I fancy! – might have an attempt using UK beans in place of US navy beans (so it’s not the colour then!). Have a good weekend xo

  7. Soups are perfect for this time of year. Great close ups of the grass. Lawns are sooooooo much work! Thanks for stopping by GDP. It has been too long since we’ve “chatted.”

    NC Janis

  8. CA Janis:

    Can’t find your e-mail so am sending this message as a comment. Did another photo on Industries of the blind. Reprinted your “comment” about your helping your dad on this message……… Hope you didn’t mind but it adds so much to this post!

    NC JA

  9. Nice shots.

    Regards and best wishes

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