Skywatch Friday Blimp!

There are a few things that still cause me to leap from my chair or drop whatever task I have in hand and run out the front door,heedless of the screen slamming in my wake. An Ice Cream truck on a searing August afternoon will cause this(also a quick turn after I get them to stop so I can run back inside to get a handful of change to pay for my treat!) and a Blimp flying over the neighborhood anytime of year still causes this childlike sprint of happiness. The sheer wonderment of a blimp  cruising by at a speed the human eye can track,sometimes so low you can wave at the pilot who most often will wave back at you.

This is about the distance when I not only hear but can identify the sound of a blimp approaching from the West. They have a particular low motor thrum unlike any other craft traversing the sky. They sound like adventure.

Mostly Blimps fly by when there is a large event somewhere in Southern California where they have been hired to advertise. We get to see the huge famous Goodyear Blimp a few times a year since their tie down is about 40 miles Northwest of here. The Met Life insurance Blimp goes by now and then with Snoopy as a WWI flying ace emblazoned on the side,this is my favorite airship! Today the flight was thanks to advertisement from Hanger 1 vodka company.

Enjoy more photos of the sky above @

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5 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Blimp!

  1. These airships were not as uncommon when I was growing up in Southern California, now it is a rare treat to see one. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Well, I have lived all this time and never seen a blimp, – it must be exciting to be close enough to wave. Nice photos!

  3. My only wish, if I could be in that blimp and take some aerial shots!

  4. It’s not a very common scene to see blimp in the sky.
    Nice shots.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing with us. Have a nice week-end. Greetings from Romania.

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