Facade of Social Justice for Skywatch Friday

This building is being restored in downtown Riverside CA for what seems a very good purpose.

The focus is not the best in this photo but with construction going on and afternoon traffic I took what I could out the window of the moving car.

I think Winter may have skipped over Southern California during the daylight hours,we have middle 70s again this week however the overnight lows are down to 39-42 and yes,that is cold to those of us who live in the Southland! Anything below 55 causes us to wear jackets,fuzzy gloves,scarf and hat combos too as if we were in danger of actual frostbite. We are aware of the irony and the fact of our being spoiled creatures in a mostly temperate clime and we say so to one another over steaming free trade hot cocoa with just a touch of organic dairy whipped cream froth which we drink from PC paper cups made from recycled materials clutched in our fuzzy glove clad fingers.

See more sky at:   http://skyley.blogspot.com/

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4 thoughts on “Facade of Social Justice for Skywatch Friday

  1. Nice photo for SWF!Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend!

  2. Interesting! Happy weekend!


  3. Overtiredmum

    Lol – a fab post! Just googled 55 to see what it is in real money (I only do celcius) turns out that it was 55 here today too. We went to the park where I had to persuade youngest son to keep his t-shirt on (that’s after he’d shed his coat and jumper). Balmy conditions!

    Good lucky with the hot water bottles, ice skates and thermals. I’m sure they’ll come in useful for the weekend xo

  4. Oh, CA Janis, you and I have the same love of these quirky, old buildings. I’m so glad you came back for a visit. I’ve missed reading your posts.

    Did you see this post? You will love it!


    Are you on facebook?

    NC Janis

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