Skywatch Friday Gasoline prices March upwards

These prices were from Monday of this week,today they are in the $4.40s and rising.  March is very early in the year for Gasoline prices to go up and they are racing toward the $5 mark by leaps and bounds.

The reasons for this are myriad and depend who you ask, which news you choose to read and apparently the moment of the day or turn of the earth.

I am well aware most of the entire world pays more for gasoline than we do in the U.S. but that does not make this easy to deal with on a day to day basis.

Trips are curtailed,errands are bunched. We are giving more thought to how we spend our money and how much of it will be spent to simply arrive at the store or event we want to attend.

This is only March 1st, To paraphrase a popular HBO/Book series…Summer is coming.


See more of the beautiful sky @:

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3 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Gasoline prices March upwards

  1. Yikes!

  2. horrible isn’t it, but you have the nicest blue skies.

    happy march.

  3. wow – you’ve just got me doing some serious maths – not bad for 11pm!!
    We buy in litres over here and obviously pay in £s so there may be a bit of maths error but I think I’m paying about $8.50 a gallon. Definitely making me think twice before I go any where – may be this could be seen as a good thing for the planet but not so good on the bank account!

    Green issues and maths in one go – I need to get to bed!!

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