Skywatch Friday Los Angeles County Arboretum

I had  about a half an hour to dawdle around the area while waiting for my daughter to arrive since she was caught in traffic and I had arrived to dinner very early due to almost zero traffic which was very unusual. I spent the time on a little photo essay of  Arcadia and Los Angeles County Arboretum on the second day of Spring.

This little oasis of Palms dwarfs the full size automobile parked beneath them!

View Northeast up Baldwin Ave.

A beautiful 1940s Cadillac parked nearby.

East Colorado Blvd as it enters Arcadia

Goodbye Arboretum,must go to dinner now!

We had Taiwanese dumplings  and then went for coffee after in old town Sierra Madre just above Pasadena.
It was still nice outside at 10pm so we sat at the sidewalk tables and enjoyed our coffee’s while watching the locals go by.

See more of the sky above us all at:

Update from last week: The estate sale at the lovely old house was kind of full of  just trash,damaged goods and craft stuff. The home itself was a classic turn of the last century Craftsman,very good bones for the next people to work with. The second sale of the day a couple of miles away yielded some nice finds. Mid century modern file boxes,tip trays,wrapping paper…lots of goodies there!

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11 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Los Angeles County Arboretum

  1. Nice post!
    I agree, – a great car!
    Happy SkyWatch to you!

  2. Beautiful shots!

  3. What a fun and uplifting travel log! Beauty all around you and spring in full bloom. Thanks for sharing your skies!

  4. What a fun travel log from sky to flora to mountains!! Thanks for sharing your skies.

  5. Beautiful photos. I enjoyed the tour. The pink blossoming tree is gorgeous….and so is that vintage cadillac!

  6. Great tree shots. Stoked to see an Aussie eucalyptus in that lot.

    • uberrhund

      We have lots of Eucalyptus in Southern California. They were imported and planted to be wind breaks for the once plentiful Orange groves but then the growers found they grew too tall in 20 years to provide much of a break and planted wild roses between them in many places,makes for a lovely scent in the Spring and Summer!

  7. It looks like a great place, I’ll have to put it on my list next time I’m in that area. Nice shots!

  8. Nice scenes.

    Regards and best wishes

  9. Wonderful shots! I love visiting places like that (with camera in hand, of course 😉

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