Skywatch Friday Ventura Highway

To celebrate the girls birthday Ayleen,George and I drove North to Highway 126 Wednesday to begin a foodie sort of trek from Valencia to Ventura.

When most people think of the old song Ventura Highway by America they think of Pacific Coast Hwy but this little road suits the feel of the song much better at least for me it does.

We did a little geocaching here and there along the way. The day was warm and clear, just perfect. This little bridge was bypassed when the new highway construction crossed the wash below it just a bit South of the original, this has been a good thing because the bridge remains along with its benchmark for surveyors and a nice size geocache!

We tasted 8 kinds of honey at Bennett’s Honey Farm…who knew there were “Honey Tastings” ? Wonderful stop with see through indoor bee hive and tasty sweets!

In Fillmore we had a lunch at Central Station of tender tri-tip beef BBQ. Meltingly delicious.

Downtown Fillmore is a slice of California’s past still active and viable. Full of history with museums and original buildings, surrounded by groves of lemons and avocados. An antique train yard that still operates for weekend and special event jaunts around the Santa Clara River valley thrives. Life still bustles on in the daily grind there but it felt slower, a comfortable forward pace not a sweaty flat out run.

We fed some very, VERY large demanding Koi at a strange nursery/pond/fruitstand and oddity display called the Loose Caboose. A grove of flood washed trees turned root side toward the sky made for an eerie forest even in the bright afternoon. One had to wonder about how it would be in the dark of night with a chilly breeze blowing up the valley floor whilst the resident peacocks shrilled.

We continued through Santa Paula and into Ventura for some Balsamic and California Olive oil tasting which is always a treat. Walked around the city as the day dwindled to evening looking out toward the Pacific between buildings.

A fine day was had by all.

See more of the sky above at:

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4 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Ventura Highway

  1. A tasting trip, what a nice idea. So many different things to see and taste.
    I love those trees with the flowers on top.

  2. Love that first shot. What an expansive view!

  3. I know that road but I’ve never made the stops you did. I do remember some great Greek food at Ventura harbor, though.

  4. A great road trip, – found your last picture fascinating.

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