Blustery Skywatch Friday Men At Work

We had a forecast yesterday to prepare for wind,thunderstorms and heavy rain (up to 1/2 inch which causes woe and doom in So Cal!) so this crew was out thinning the weighty branches from some Eucalyptus trees before the “storm”. They made for great  entertainment from the post office across the street.

All that really arrived a few hours later were some pretty gusty winds and then eventually it rained very softly, a long drizzle really, overnight.

I am only pleased by the fact that this was after all a Winds-Day and it turned out to be a rather blustery day.

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2 thoughts on “Blustery Skywatch Friday Men At Work

  1. some wild windy skies!

  2. I love the swaying of the leaves, I see them dancing with the wind! Have a great weekend!

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