SpaceX boldly goes

Take a good look, THIS is history happening in our own lifetime.

The flight of SpaceX Dragon is as exciting as the early Mercury,Gemini and Apollo missions. I can remember this same feeling when as a very small child(3 or 4) I saw a Space capsule on the bed of a transport vehicle in a Navy yard near San Diego CA. I was too little to know exactly which one it was or anything else about it but I had listened to the news coverage about the NASA flights with my Dad and knew this was something very special and that I should remember it always. I watched it from the space aged bubble windows of Mom’s 1960 Chevy Impala until we had driven out of sight.

The privatization of space travel has begun with low earth orbit multi stage rockets delivering good and making a useful (and profitable) side mission of delivering the partial ashes of over 300 people including Mercury astronaut Gorden Cooper and James  Doohan who was and will always be Scotty from Star Trek.

Private/corporate space travel delivers a bigger payload of something more important than their actual cargo,it delivers vision and energy to propel science into the future.

We are a step closer to that scene in the Redwoods of California where the first successful warp driven flight launched into the Star Trek future.


Thanks to for the photos and great coverage of all things space related.

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