ABC Wednesday I is for the Iceman

I have written about our local Iceman,Mr. Moffet before but want to Include him in ABC Wednesday too!

He has to be in his early 90s now,still going strong running the Ice house here in town,he maintains the motors and compressors that turn the simple commodity of water into the sought after one that is Ice! He does science everyday. You never know what kind of interesting item he may have tied down in the back of his pick-up truck (It was an 1800s factory sausage press one day and a load of Stag head ferns another!).

Mr. Moffet is the only Ice Man this town has had in my lifetime,he has been in the same location making Ice daily since the early 1950s. He delivers to local stores in the mornings and hangs out on the wide Inviting dock of an afternoon.

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More about the Ice House :

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8 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday I is for the Iceman

  1. Wonderful post and great shot of the ‘iceman’ ~ perfect of ABC ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. WOW, that takes me back. Even that ICE logo is familiar.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. What a wonderful legacy…How “Cool” HaHa

  4. He is a good advert for keeping active and interested, how amazing that whole generations only known him running the ice house.

  5. Good to know there still are ice-men.

  6. An iceman!! he must be a very nice old man.

  7. This is another INCREDIBLE AND INTERESTING way of life and profession that has almost disappeared.

  8. I guess he has made a decent living making ice.

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