Skywatch Friday New Stop Lights

The crew in the bucket lift are up there syncing this older traffic light to a brand new one just around the curve of Grand Blvd at Garretson/Joy streets where they cross. Why a new light ? I have no idea. There has been a school crossing guard there in the morning and at release time for at least 40 years,nobody to my knowledge has been squished. Traffic might be breaking the limit by 10 mph or so but doubtful by more. I am pretty sure that along with bike lanes the city also allows cars to park in (Smart huh? DOH!) this is a use of tax money they would loose or a trade off for other funding.

I am going to put on my Codger hat now so just picture me on the porch,waving my fist at the powers that be and scaring passersby with my ranting…wow,that was easy!

Grand Blvd is a 3 mile circular street that had only four intersections with traffic signals in the 1970s. Those were at major crossings of Main street and Sixth street. Urban Renewal and a freeway swept through 2 more lights were added. A 5-way stop  also had a very much needed cluster of well coordinated lights put in. A Ride-share lot was built near the freeway so it has a light too. The city took over a housing block and those people apparently forgot how to cross a street in the process so they needed a new crossing stop light. Population increased and now the on/off ramps to the freeway also needed new stop lights to smooth traffic flow morning and evening. All ans all if you wish to drive around Grand blvd. today you will encounter 14 traffic signals on a very good day a few of them will be green.

(throws codger hat on ground and retreats inside)

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4 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday New Stop Lights

  1. That sure sounds like overkill when it comes to traffic lights!

  2. I wish they’d synch the traffic lights properly in my town. When we moved into our house 7 years ago there were 2 lights between us and the highway. Now there are 8.

  3. Yeah, is it required to add new light there? Seemed too many 🙂

  4. nice post. The first thing I notice was tha guys in the bucket lift. It is good they care for things.

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