ABC Wednesday M is for Magazine

How long until the magazine format is a thing of the past?

I know I buy very few these days. Before the advent of the internet I subscribed to a couple of newspapers and  many magazines. Now I do a great deal of my casual reading online,most of it really. The only Magazine I get in the mail now is Westways and that is because the Auto Club sends it as part of membership. Don’t get me wrong,I love getting Westways,in fact I save it a precious extra reading material (I am not alone in this practice!) but I also would not get up and drive to the store to purchase it monthly if that were the only way I could read it.

See what else the letter M is for at :

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2 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday M is for Magazine

  1. I just don’t want to read everything on a device…
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Oh I think its sad that magazines maybe gone, I love to read them and thumb through all the pages. I really like this cover, the fall colors and family outings are so neat. Love the station wagon.

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