X is for Xeriscaping


Xeriscaping is the practice of gardening/landscaping in ways that reduce the need for additional watering. In desert regions like inland Southern California this means native plants can thrive but those wide green swathes of lush lawn are out. We do not have water in abundance to apply willy-nilly as outdoor decoration.

Many cities,including Corona,have begun to use recycled water that has been treated but is still considered non potable for human consumption for parkway,greenbelt,parks and golf courses. Water piping and outlets in these areas have purple and white signage indicating that this water is for landscaping only and not for drinking.

This little niche of Xeriscaping is in the Laural Canyon area of Los Angeles. The succulents are cute as can be and survive on natural precipitation.

See more of what the letter X is for at:  http://abcwednesday-mrsnesbitt.blogspot.com/

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8 thoughts on “X is for Xeriscaping

  1. one of the true X words!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. The words we learn on the internet! Great post to encourage the right plants for the area.

  3. Christina

    Great X word! I love those little succulents.

  4. Great X word, have been doing xeriscaping without knowing it!

    Happy holidays ~ X is for…

  5. Ordinary Words….what a lovely word♫ with a great idea behind it♪

  6. Wonderful post and great photo for ‘X” ^_^

    Happy New Year ^_^ (A Creative Harbor) aka artmusedog and CArol ^_^

  7. lesliebc

    I learned a new word – that garden is beautiful and I wish I could grow one like that. Unfortunately, it would probably drown! lol

    abcw team

  8. Delightful view!


    Happy Holidays!
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

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