Windy day!

We have had freezing temps overnight for a week with high wind warnings up for the last three days.

The cold has gone as of today(Hooray!) but the wind is still whooshing all around.


The clear air made for a great view across the valley this morning at an estate sale I attended. All those canopies were well anchored but still creaking and popping. This little barn area was on a sunny, sheltered hillside but the moment I returned to the top of the path the wind was in charge once more!

Tomorrow is forecast to be less windy and in the low 70s, just right.

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4 thoughts on “Windy day!

  1. A lovely sky!
    Great photo, many details!

  2. Lovely blue sky! I am glad the wind did not stop their estate sale. Lovely photo! Happy Skywatching!

  3. Looks like a really interesting estate sale. I try to avoid these, because I always find stuff I want and I no longer have room!! Another breezy day, but nice warm temps in S. CA today.

  4. Lovely sunny day even if it’s windy.

    Catching up with Sky Watch Friday,.

    Sky Shots
    Thanks for visiting!

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