Skywatch Friday Cloud layers

These are from Sunday this week as the sky produced ever changing scenes throughout the day. The air remained still and warm at ground level.


These little well formed clouds scooted by in front of the remains of a fog bank in the middle of the day, this view was to the West/Southwest.


Only a few degrees over to the West we had a bright Blue sky full of contrails.

Today we’ve had a cold rainy storm move in overnight and seen pouring rain, hail and thunder in the valley with snow falling to the 2500 ft level in the local mountains.

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Where we welcome and thank Alan from Yogi’s Den for becoming the Host of Skywatch Friday!

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3 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Cloud layers

  1. Interesting clouds! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Beautiful skies,

  3. X marks the spot…..nice post for Skywatch Friday.
    JM Illinois

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