Playing out front on Skywatch Friday

I was about to skip this week on Skywatch, not much to see of note here this week.


This afternoon we were all playing out front, neighbors,dogs and kids (we were supposed to be getting ready for a garage sale) when the sky turned beautiful, layered with dark and light wispy clouds in the warm air at sunset.

I noticed when I wrote this that some of us have started using the phrase “Playing out front” in the same casual way we did as kids.

As the weather warms slowly this Spring I encourage you all to take a moment to Play out front with whoever else can come out and play…may that moment turn into hours.

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6 thoughts on “Playing out front on Skywatch Friday

  1. Fabulous photo! Makes me want to go play out front!

  2. Great CA sky! Good luck at the garage sale!!

  3. Wow, the sky is beautiful. Good thing you were outside otherwise you might have missed it.

  4. Beautiful sky. We don’t get a lot of these what with the fog and all. Always a thrill when it happens.

  5. Tell you what, a nice skywatch photo!

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