Gasoline, Grease and Garages

A Shaved & Slammed '48 Chevy Sedan Delivery to Guzzle Gasoline!

A Shaved & Slammed ’48 Chevy Sedan Delivery to Guzzle Gasoline!

I made my annual trek South to the Big 3 auto parts exchange (Fancy title for Great swap meet!) last weekend just in time for the letter G on ABC Wednesday!

This is one of the best antique auto swaps in the western United States. The rows run at least 5 directions and cover a total of 8-9 miles if you walk the entire thing, and I always do. The pavement around Quallcom Stadium (used to be Jack Murphy) in San Diego is lumpy and untamed. I had a Great time talking to vendors, buying Good old stuff and spending the afternoon walking in the sunshine working up an appetite for BBQ ribs afterwards!

Restored Gas pumps and Giant Grinder

Restored Gilmore Gas pump and Giant Grinder

Besides many Model A and T parts this meet has an amazing bunch of vendors who bring the contents of their Garages, sheds and shops to share, show and sell.

This guy had a really big antenna topper ;) oh wait that's a full size Gas station sign!

This guy had a really big antenna topper 😉 oh wait that’s a full size Gas station sign!

I never know what I will bring back from this one but the car is always full when I go home!

This post is going to be doing double duty this week for ABC Wednesday and Skywatch Friday because it was a Gorgeous day to Gather Goods!

See more of the letter G at:

Also for Skywatch Friday this week @:

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9 thoughts on “Gasoline, Grease and Garages

  1. Great shots and post for G day. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  2. Lovely set of G’s! I adore the old gas pump!

  3. uberrhund

    Hildred has left a new comment on your post “Where my Blog is!”:

    I like your garage visit, Janis, – maybe you would like to make a trip up here and see what goodies Charles saved over the years, – never threw a thing away, including precious items left by his father and his grandfather!!!!

    • uberrhund

      I would love to get myself that far North someday Hildred but far away travel is not going to happen for me in the foreseeable future, little bit expensive right now!
      I Do love to see the things other people have saved and cherished,even an old oil tin in the garage can be cherished by it’s keeper. Talking to people, like you, gives these “things” a story and brings them life. I am sure the things Charles and his father kept around have stories all their own!
      Dealing in Antiques and Vintage is hard work some days,smelly dirty work others but it is always rewarding!

  4. So perfect for you; so perfect for G…..

  5. I’ve BEEN to Jack Murphy, or whatever they call it now.seen the padres a few times, and the Chargers once.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. My Lorne would GO GAGA over that!

    abcw team

  7. Fun shots of the sky over the Great Swap meet! Good, nay, Great use of G’s in your post!

  8. One of the few antique things I like are antique cars, much more beautiful than the new ones! It made my day that you immediately recognized the painting Pier Cafe in San Diego -it means I did a good job! Thanks for visiting:)

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