Vintage Glass Insulators !


Vintage Glass Insulators once were used on every electric, telephone and telegraph pole to keep everything safe and dry. They can still be seen now and then on poles where replacement has not been called for. Insulators are a big field for collectors and recently designers who are re-purposing them as all sorts of lighting, bookends, garden decor and more!

I purchase 3 clear ones recently to be added to vintage yard art projects.

There is a huge amount of information about these everyday treasures and the folks who collect them here:

More of the letter I at ABC Wednesday :

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9 thoughts on “Vintage Glass Insulators !

  1. I love these, I have one area where I put the insulators on poles–they add color and shine.

  2. quite fascinating these things

  3. I knew a guy, deceased in the past decade, who used to collect those? Had no kids. Wonder what happened to them?

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I can’t believe I didn’t think of insulator. We have several and I used to collect them. Fabulous photo. I love the close up!

  5. Neat photo for I ~ great post for ABC ^_^
    husband used to collect them ~ I think they are very pretty ^_^

  6. What beautiful found objects! I love that they will get a renewed life. Great “I” capture.

  7. I had three of these glass insulators sitting on my fireplace mantel for many years, but somehow they have got lost in the moves, – probably in a box in our son’s big shed, never to be seen again except by the curious….a lovely collection here, Janis.

  8. Lots of variety to choose from, but didn’t know people collected them. I was not aware what these were used for until your explanation. Glad to hear they have a secondary purpose instead of just thrown away.

  9. That’s wild! I just picked up 4 from a huge collection I spotted at a second hand store. Cool little pieces!

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