Just Jumbled Junk

Many items that are now considered collectible, vintage and antique also spent a portion of their shelf life being called JUNK!


It is true what they say “everything old is new again”.  Household and garage items are a good example as the items in the photo above were once considered Junk. The tin can of Check Shock automobile shock oil was once brand new, shining on the hardware store shelf, ready to help make a drivers ride more comfortable as well as prevent needless wear and tear on parts both automotive and human! The long wooden  box ensconced a  loaf of cheese that nourished a family as the main player in a cheese sandwich or sauce to make the vegetables of Summer still taste special in early March when they were thawed from the deep freeze chest in the basement.

This sort of thing was meant to be thrown away, it is the container or wrapping for the real product that was purchased and used long ago.

Some of them survived, saved by thrifty souls who used them to store other goods or put on a shelf because “there is a little bit left…someday I will need that” and that day never came along, the carton or can was pushed farther and farther back into the depths of the garage or kitchen cupboard.

Now is the time of being Junk! Spring cleaning,the sale of a home, a parents estate needing to be cleaned out swiftly, all are reasons to be tossed into the bin and and on to the landfill.


Now is also the time of a shrewd shopper at an estate or garage sale asking the folks running it about these things that linger on the shelf, Squirreled away,soiled and dusty but ready to move onward now that 40-60 years have gone by, now they are “Vintage Collectibles” and “Automobilia”.

Soon they will move into fresh kitchens, recreation rooms, garages and even now and again museums!

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6 thoughts on “Just Jumbled Junk

  1. Remarkably inventive; well done…

  2. reJuvenation!

  3. Great post for J ~ lots of neat ‘vintage’ items ~ Enjoy ^_^

    Glad you liked the ‘cut of the jib’ ~ ^_^

  4. Its always a bit of a startle when one sees something in a museum display that you remember using in the past.

  5. Thankfully some of the stuff survived and is now treasures. Great J post.

  6. Vintage items must be in vogue these days. Several television shows now are about finding treasured “junk”.

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