Lovely Luggage Labels

Do you remember riding the train to a Vermont ski resort and returning with new labels on your solid sided luggage to show where you had been?

Me either…only in White Christmas, but wouldn’t it be nice?
Now with Vintage Luggage Labels you can dream of (or fondly remember) a whirlwind Summer touring the globe!
Luggage labels not only showed where the well-traveled tourist had been; they also served as an advertisement for railroads, airlines, ocean liners, and hotels. They became widely used during the end of the nineteenth century, and soon developed into an art form. During the middle of the twentieth century tourism had slowed down, and so did the production of luggage labels, making vintage travel and luggage labels valuable and sought after by collectors.

Lots of Lovely Luggage Labels are still available in good condition through ebay and Etsy as well as Antique shops . Reproductions are plentiful so if you are searching for originals be aware of this otherwise if they are for a project of scrapbooking or you would just like the artwork but in stable modern materials get the reproductions,the color and graphics are very well done.

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10 thoughts on “Lovely Luggage Labels

  1. My parents have some ancient luggage. I keep it because it has a couple stickers of trips they took before I knew them.

  2. Thanks for stopping by to look at my lambs :). 86 degrees. No way! Love the thought of that. Enjoy! I’ll be back. Nice webpages.

  3. I have three or four of my grandmothers pieces and she had hand written tags. The old ones you have shown are so neat.

  4. I saved mine from when I went to Ireland and to England. I like to see them on my back pack.

  5. I haven’t seen luggage labels in a long time. I think the idea of the reproductions would be great.

  6. What a delightful reminder of a time past! Love the luggage tags!

  7. Those luggage labels are very cool…I can live vicariously, looking at the labels and visualizing all the places I’ve never been!

  8. Seems like this practice has moved away from luggage and onto vehicles. I often see cars, trucks and SUVs plastered with stickers from various locations

  9. Very clever post for L.
    I really like the vintage look of the labels. Wish I had those on my suitcase.

  10. A wonderfully nostalgic piece. Like the alliteration too.

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