Smoke filled sky at sunset

This photo was taken near sunset yesterday, May 1st and bodes no good for Southern California.


The tanker plane is coming in for the evening from a brush fire in Banning CA, 40 miles East of here over 3000 acres burned so far and we have hot, dry, windy conditions today, might be contained by Saturday.

There is another larger brush fire burning North of Los Angeles near Camarillo. Another much smaller one in Jurupa, 15 miles Northeast.

This is VERY early for fire season but here we are after a dry Winter and not nearly enough rainfall to keep the hillsides from becoming crunchy tinder.

Fire season normally ends around Thanksgiving, this is going to be a long Summer.

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4 thoughts on “Smoke filled sky at sunset

  1. A greta sky composition!

  2. Oh dear ~ quite the sky ~ unique for SWF ^_^

  3. You’re absolutely correct… much too early for all these fires! Stay safe.

  4. It doesn’t bode well at all.

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