Swanky Seventies Scene

Nineteen Seventies Style is vintage now as are the 198Os (feel really old yet?). I picked up a couple Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Books at a recent sale to add to my Etsy shop soon. They are a flashback filled treasure trove of later Mid-Century Modernism mixed with DIY ideas.


This is the 1975/76 edition.


Swanky Tiki room and Sunny Seventies dining on back cover.

IMG_3971Funky Family rooms!

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5 thoughts on “Swanky Seventies Scene

  1. I rather liked the seventies – except for fashion. Some TERRIBLE clothes I used to own (but I’ll deny it)
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team…

  2. I love that word ‘swanky’ – so fitting for the seventies, as I recall.

  3. Such a colourful era. I love finds like these.
    Joy – ABC Team

  4. lesliebc

    Oh man! You’ve taken me back…first child born in 1976 and second in 1980…those were the days alright!

    abcw team

  5. The old magazines and store catalogs are fun to look at. Gotta love those dining room table chairs.

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