Tin Toys

Three Tin Toy Noisemakers!

Tin was once in style as the material of choice in Toy making.

Bright Litho printing allowed everything from dollhouses and race cars to Western forts and Ferris Wheels to be formed in miniature allowing imaginative play for children of all ages in the 20th century.

These items are sought after by collectors now because not only are they sturdy and bright, they bring their new owners memories of happy childhood hours.

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7 thoughts on “Tin Toys

  1. Great tin noisemakers. I remember having them when I was little. Wonder what ever happened to them?

  2. Great idea for T. I think I have some old tin toys somewhere. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  3. I remember some of these! They were the best!

  4. I have not seen those old tin toys for years. I like your collection. Very colorful.

  5. What a peculiar set of items – so out of TIME!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. lesliebc

    I think I’ve seen that sort of thing.

    abcw team

  7. This brings back memories. I used to have one similar to the one on the top. I had forgotten all about it.

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