Mare’s Tails

This is the base of an amazing row of Mare’s Tails reaching across almost the entire canvas of sky late Wednesday afternoon.


I couldn’t get their entirety in frame so I just picked a choice view to share with Skywatch.

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As always, many thanks to our Skywatch Friday hosts, Yogi, Sylvia and Sandy!

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8 thoughts on “Mare’s Tails

  1. You don’t see this kind of formation very often Nice shot! Happy sky watching.

    My sky.

  2. The infinite patterns created by the clouds are an ever changing wonder. Nicely captured.

  3. Fantastic shot of the sky with mare’s tails.

  4. This is so beautiful.

  5. Love how you composed this sky shot ~ very creative ~ ^_^

  6. I’d never heard of Mare’s Tails clouds before. Quite unique. Wonder what conditions are necessary to form them?

  7. Awesome S CA sky, and really enjoyed the LV vintage cup post as well!!

  8. Beautiful sky of blue and cloud!

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