Happy 7th Birthday Skywatch!

I have only been here for four and a half of those years but I enjoy my every return. Thanks to our Skywatch Friday hosts,  Yogi, Sylvia, and Sandy

and to Klaus who began it all.  Klaus is no longer with us but his spirit and love of beauty and community live on here at Skywatch Friday.


This is not my best photo (I am no judge of that) but it is a lovely sunset from last weekend, the kind we only get with a remnant of a cloud after a hot Summer day, I think Klaus would have liked it.

See more at : http://skyley.blogspot.com/

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3 thoughts on “Happy 7th Birthday Skywatch!

  1. A very nice tribute to Klaus and the rest of our SkyWatch Friday team. This is a wonderful photograph!

  2. Every sunset is beautiful, and as Denise has said, a fitting tribute.

  3. stunning sunset!

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