Trimming the fronds

I was about to skip Skywatch today since I had nothing interesting to post.

Then this happened a few minutes ago. I was sitting at my desk when I heard the buzz and growl of a chain saw somewhere in the neighborhood.


I looked out the kitchen window to see a tree trimmer waaaayyy  up the Palm in the backyard 2 doors down. Just boot spikes and a belt strap to hold him and his saw up there on the swaying trunk. That is not even the scary part to me, I would be worried about the creatures that live in the fronds popping out angrily at their home being disturbed…spiders, rats and birds!


UPDATE! Not trimming…removing the palm and all the way at the top!  The rest of the tree work made me just queasy to watch but I couldn’t turn away, too amazing!           IMG_4278

See more of what happens in the sky at:

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2 thoughts on “Trimming the fronds

  1. Outstanding pictures and I, too, would not have been able to look away! Very interesting and thrilling to watch someone else work in a risky job situation.

  2. Nice series for Skywatch! Totally amazing to watch these guys work.

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