Blue Moon Eve

Monday was one of those days the travel agents never speak about in Southern California. Online booking sites never show photos of this sort of day either.


This was a meltingly hot day in inland So Cal with the added bonus/penalty of light cloud cover by afternoon and high humidity.

People tried to remain ensconced inside well air conditioned buildings and homes, not so happy California cows mooed from their huddle under long rows of corrugated roofs sheltering them from the sun and those few of us who still use Swamp coolers dis the dance of strategically opening and closing windows and shades to direct air flow and not swelter in the added humidity of the cooler’s output.

The reward for dealing stoically with this kind of day (there is always a reward) was one of the most beautiful night skies of the season.


The air cooled right away after sunset and by moonrise all was well once more.


A nearly full True Blue Moon* played peek-a-boo with cotton ball clouds scudding across the inky sky.


See more of the sky above our tiny blue marble at:

*A true blue moon is the third full moon of a four month season while a more common blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month.

The color of the moon has nothing to do with this timing, a blue color only happens after a volcanic eruption or forest fire large enough to send smoke high into the atmosphere thus turning our view of the full moon fuzzy and blueish.

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7 thoughts on “Blue Moon Eve

  1. big powerful cloud banks in the day and popcorn clouds at night. 🙂

  2. That is a lovely view of the moon

  3. Gorgeous captures of the moon! Have a great weekend!

  4. I hear about those hot days from family that lives in the L.A. area. It made nice photos, but I can’t take that kind of heat (it hasn’t reached 90 at our house this summer).

  5. I love your night sky, beautiful.

  6. Wonderful views of the sky. I like that first shot.

  7. Nice pictures. I tried to get some moon shots – but ended up just looking at thick cloud!

    Cheers – Stewart M

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