I is for Ice House

I have written about out local Ice House in the past and I am including it again because as we roll around to the letter “I” Summer is about to end and the frenetic pace of business on the Ice house dock slows for Winter I wanted to visit once again.


That is just what I did over Labor Day weekend on Sunday September 1st. My sort of still new neighbor had just discovered she could buy a big bag of fresh Ice nearby and avoid the grocer and a cart full of little bags. She told me how great it was to visit the Ice house where the nicest little old man rolled the giant bag of Ice cubes right out to her car!

I was so very pleased to hear this that when I went out to do a couple errands I stopped by and spent some time talking to Mr. Moffett  as he sold holiday weekend bags and blocks of Ice to a steady stream of customers for their BBQs, campouts, birthday parties and early season football games.

I shared my neighbor’s tale of happy Ice buying with him and his eyes lit up at the complement, he really IS a nice little old man!

I have know him all my life and always thought so because when I was a child he seemed old to me as did all grown ups but now that he himself is pushing 90 I am just…well…yikes!

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3 thoughts on “I is for Ice House

  1. lesliebc

    Ah, he seems so old-fashioned romantic! What a gentleman.

    abcw team

  2. There was an ICE house very near my house when I grew up. Recognize that logo!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Jim


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