Just a guy in a tree


A tree full of Bees!


He went up there and never once swatted at any of the thousands of bees swarming this Ficus tree, a real pro!


I to0k pictures through the entire process  in case I needed to show the ER how far he fell since his climbing was making me queasy even on the ground. This is my next door neighbor’s tree and now that it has been topped and shaped it can continue to grow and hopefully not touch the utility lines that were running through it when it leafs out this Spring.

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4 thoughts on “Just a guy in a tree

  1. jennypennifer

    Ack! No thank you to the bees. I cannot imagine how people can have such self control in the midst of a cloud of stinging insects. I freak out when I see so much as the shadow of a spider, mwaahhahahaha. Thanks for visiting me at IHATH and happy weekend!

  2. As much as I wouldn’t want a tree full of bees in my backyard, they’re a very necessary part of nature’s cycles…

    • uberrhund

      No worries, the Bees were not harmed just had to move on the other trees and flowers. The tree had to be topped because it was too far into the utility lines for safety.

  3. Hui … Bees do not have nice neighbors.

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