November Heat Wave

We are at the end of a few days with temps rising into the low 90s here in Southern California, the last bit of this little heat wave should be blown away tonight by a cold front with Westerly wind warnings already up for the next 24 hours.


The bonus to hot Autumn days are spectacular sunsets. This is right out of my phone camera. All of a sudden all the colors of Fall were filling my living room so I grabbed the nearest device with a camera and took pictures from the front porch. This faded to a regular pinkish orange sky within seconds but just for a moment it was like basking directly in the very essence of Autumn.

See more amazing sky at:

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10 thoughts on “November Heat Wave

  1. Don’t you hate that when the fire of the sunset fades within minutes? Happen to live in Southern AC too! This sky I missed, but am happy you captured it!

  2. Oops, sorry, Southern CA:)

  3. What a gift at the end of the day! Lovely colors – I like the blue sky peeking through.

  4. Gorgeous!
    Happy Sky Watching!

  5. Fortunately you still had a chance to capture the stunning moment.

  6. Yes, we’ve had some really great S. CA skies. Glad you were able to capture this one, it’s a beauty!

  7. WOW!! Eye popping sky! Kudos on the phone camera — as I’ve noted repeatedly on my blog, the best camera you own is the one you have with you at the time — some of the best skies I’ve shot have been with one.

  8. I love a sunset piccie, glad you captured it I missed tonight’s sunset I have sat here all afternoon playing with the camera and come time for a sunset picture the battery was flat but I am cheered up by your wonderful picture.

  9. jensbrowndog

    That sunset earlier this week was magical wasn’t it… Great capture and with your cell phone, awesome!

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