Western Auto’s Winter Wonderland

Western Auto was all at once a hardware, tire, garden, household goods and toy store. a place where anyone of any age could wander the aisles and dream of their next project or actually buy the parts for the one they were working on right then!


In December Western Auto also became a Winter Wonderland with their normal 1/2 a row toy department expanded with specials and displays all over the store  that included Toys! The tire department would have play size Delivery trucks with the logo of the tire brands or Western auto, housewares would have entire intricate toy size kitchens and the lumber department had Dollhouse kits and Lincoln logs!


This Christmas ad is from 1955.

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5 thoughts on “Western Auto’s Winter Wonderland

  1. Love the old ads and times have really changed. I do remember Western Auto and all the extra things they carried.

  2. I was buying toys in those olden days, and the ad brings back many memories – so familiar!!

  3. lesliebc

    Those old ads are great. I’ve never heard of the store, but I guess it’s American?

    abcw team

  4. I LOVE the old store and especially the catalog.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Quite an eclectic mix, sounds the perfect place to browse and buy something you didn’t know you wanted.

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