Adios Napa Mural

This neighborhood Mural is not long for the world.


The Napa Auto Parts building on which it resides is about to be demolished to make way for the 91 Freeway to be widened through Corona.


These are not  great photos of the work and I will try to remember to document the wall with something better than my phone soon.

The project broke ground December 11th with moving and demo work progressing very quickly, I didn’t want to take a chance and miss the picture completely.

See more of the sky above at Skywatch Friday:

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3 thoughts on “Adios Napa Mural

  1. I hate to see murals destroyed. Glad you captured it! Happy New Year.

  2. Seems a shame to destroy art. Thanks for sharing it! Aloha

  3. Stanley Martinez

    Yea you should take some more pix of the mural my uncle Carlos chapo Cervantes is the one who did it along with many others there ain’t to many left I hate that this one will be gone

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