Zerolene The Standard Motor Oil

Zerolene Motor oil and Grease was a product of Standard Oil Company of California, now Chevron.


I am sure lots of people across North America feel chilly as this bear on ice this week since folks from the Midwest to the East coast are dealing with below Zero weather.

This wraps up another round of ABC Wednesday and I want to say it has once again been a pleasure to meet and blog with all of you out there!

Thanks to Denise, Roger and the entire team at ABC Wednesday for their hard work all through the year!

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2 thoughts on “Zerolene The Standard Motor Oil

  1. I LOVED your nostalgic take, though I dont know this particular one; must be an east coast/west coast thing. ROG, ABC Wednesday

  2. I don’t know about this, but interesting read. And I use Chevron gas!

    abcw team

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