Bardahl Motor & Speciality Oil

B is for Bardahl!

A thing one would have in the garage or garden for sure!


This is a churchkey ( can opener ) I picked up at a recent estate sale with advertising for the company.


I have used and thrown away plenty of this style 2-stroke oil can from the 1970s, it  os sort of hard to think of it as a “vintage” can!


Not wanting to miss a market Bardahl also made Gun and Reel oil…you really do not want any creaky Sportsmen now do you?!?

See more of the letter B at:

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5 thoughts on “Bardahl Motor & Speciality Oil

  1. Great choice for our B week!

    abcw team

  2. Bardahl did it again! Ah, the good ole days when you actually had to work for the result you wanted. Great ‘B’!

  3. Do you own a motorbike? Hubby and I have just paid the balance on our holiday – the annual pilgrimage to Isle of Man TT Races.
    Love the idea of a theme – mine is new recipes for Round 14.
    Denise ABC Team.

  4. BARDAHL certainly is versatile! Kate, ABC Team

  5. LOVE that can opener.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

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