Delco Distributor Parts

I have never actually used a Distributor cap out of one of these great looking Delco containers.


I have used countless numbers of these tune up kits however! This kit fits GM Delco Distributors from 1957-1973 V8 motor applications.


Most people who turned their own wrenches just kept one of these in the garage for the next tune up or to rescue a friend who had need of one in a hurry for a late night auto repair. They fit pretty much everything that was not Ford or Foreign!

The Distributor cap was often the cause (or when dried the cure) to a stalled Chevy sitting mid-puddle on a rainy day. Wade out there, pop the hood, pull the cap and dry the rotor very gently and then the cap insides, re-apply and 9 times out of 10 off you go again!

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3 thoughts on “Delco Distributor Parts

  1. lesliebc

    I’ve heard of distributor caps but wouldn’t know one if I tripped over it. I’ll just call my favourite mechanic to fix anything auto related. LOL Great photos!

    abcw team

  2. I’m not a car guy, yet remember AC Delco.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday

  3. Gosh Janis, you sure know a lot that I have neglected in my mechanical education!!! Great choice for D.

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