Exiled Exercise Equipment

The Garage or Garden is where one often finds Exiled Exercise Equipment!


We all know how it happens, Excellent Expectations Exude from people who Envision Extra Exercise  being Easy. The day comes when a jacket is tossed across a handlebar, then another and soon the Equipment is just an Extension of the closet!

My solution was to just buy a very simple Exercise Bike of Exceptional quality, a sturdy Schwinn Exactly like the one in this ad from 1972 now resides in my living room. It blends well with all the other Eclectic vintage and I am happy to report I have yet to use it as a hanger!

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5 thoughts on “Exiled Exercise Equipment

  1. This is an excellent post for the letter E! Thank you for taking part in the ABC meme.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  2. Perfect description of how some of us have been the culprits throwing those clothes on the bike. I’m doing much better these days actually riding the bike.

  3. Great shot and post for the letter E. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  4. Oh, good for you Janis. We gradually passed on all our exercise equipment to family members who possibly needed it more than we did. Now I just walk…..

  5. My wife went to adjust ours, and now it’s not working, to my great irritation.

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