Fertizlier For Farm and Flower

Fertilizer weather simple or Formulated is Found in the Garage or Barn of every homeowner and Farmer across the land.

Vintage glass jar now Full of nails from my own garage collection was once Full of liquid Fertilizer in the 1950s.


I am of an age that I cannot shop for Fertilizer without  thinking about the story of President Lyndon Johnson and his colorful language.

It goes like this:

Lady Bird Johnson had friends out to the ranch and Lyndon came in while they were talking. He kept referring to ‘manure’. When he left, one of Lady Bird’s friends told her that she should tell him not to say ‘manure’ but to replace it with ‘fertilizer’. Her response? ‘My lord, do you have any idea how long it took me to get him to say manure!?!’

More of the letter “F” can be Found at :  http://abcwednesday-mrsnesbitt.blogspot.com/

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5 thoughts on “Fertizlier For Farm and Flower

  1. Ellen

    Love that quote you shared! Great shot for the letter F!

  2. Lol ! Nice answer !
    ABC team

  3. ha, never heard that before but your photo reminds me of times spent as a kid in my grandpa’s shop making shotgun shells…sounds crazy but great memories 🙂 by the way, i visited you through abc wed and it says you are in socal…what part? i’m a san diego native living in virginia!!

  4. Wonderful Johnson anecdote. 🙂

    Tim Byrd
    F Entry #79: Frogs of Doom!

  5. Took me a minute – but I got it! Very funny!

    abcw team

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