Nine-tenths of the law

The little birds of early Spring have decided to war over who gets to sit on the utility pole out back.


They subscribe to the old adage about possession being nine-tenths of the law.

The Mourning Doves seem to not care as much since the big Ivy vine is no longer below the pole and give over to that noisy Mockingbird fellow fairly quickly. This may not continue since the Doves were the owners of the pole last year.


This afternoon the Mockingbird was ousted rather rudely by a pack of  Starlings from the tree across the street.I call them a pack because they are too aggressive to be a gentle flock!

The Starlings in the tree mass there throughout Spring and Summer and may just be hanging out over here for a good vantage point in the early afternoon. Feral cats have begun strolling beneath the tree in the hope something or somebird might tumble earthward.


So, the question is just how many little black Starlings did it take to wrench the utility pole from the Mockingbird? About a dozen!

See more at Skywatch Friday!

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8 thoughts on “Nine-tenths of the law

  1. Great shots and wonderful story!
    Let’s hope there are not too many skilled feral cats killing birds around there.
    Happy Sky Watch,

  2. Loved your narration about he birds and the pictures too!

  3. Wonderful shots! Great captured!

  4. Starlings can be so rude. Great shots! ☺

  5. Christina

    The blue sky makes a nice backdrop of the birds on the utility pole. Happy SkyWatch Friday! Great shots! Migratory black birds are making their way through our area, and they are quite noisy in the trees at dawn and dusk.

  6. Looks a little dangerous with all those wires! I like your story-telling.

  7. magicalmysticalteacher

    I have to confess that starlings aren’t my favorite bird, but you’ve caught this group in an interesting situation.

    10,000 Crimson Blossoms, Blue Sky

  8. Good story! love the shots!

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