A real reel Lawnmower


This is my Lawnmower, there are many like it but this one is mine.

I just took her apart for Spring maintenance last weekend. I sharpened the reels and cutter bar, repacked the grease in her wheels and generally made everything whirr and thwipp smoothly.

I have a power mower for the Summer days when Foxtails need to be bagged and tossed but this is my “daily driver” of a mower. The quiet sound of her reel spinning around, going along at my own pace with a nice, well cut yard at the end of my task is rewarding and good exercise too!

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2 thoughts on “A real reel Lawnmower

  1. I have a reel mower myself.

  2. We used to have one like this but now hubby uses a self propelled or his riding one. Hope your yard is not huge. thanks for the tip on the Lynde McCormick-looks like I have a real piece of history.

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