Miscellaneous Machines




These Miscellaneous  Machines were in a giant garage out building in Cottonwood, Arizona.



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Beautiful Benedict Castle

I spent last Saturday at the Benedict Castle Concours Car Show in Riverside California.



This is a new show put on with the help & support of Barry Meguiar and the Car Crazy TV crew and I have to say it was a great success!


Benefiting Teen Challenge and held on the amazingly lovely grounds of their So Cal headquarters at Benedict Castle I am sure a good time was had by all in attendance.

The vehicles were many and handsome in their own right but the star of the day was the beautiful Castle and surrounding grounds.


I remember going to Benedict Castle at around age 12 for what I recall as a very, very scary haunted house fundraiser (one of the first community events held by Teen Challenge), many Halloween nights in the future around 1984/85ish We returned for another haunted house at the Castle…still very, very scary! It is a CASTLE at HALLOWEEN!

Over the years Christmas and Easter events have been held as well and now the Castle is a lovely venue for Banquets and Weddings as well.


I picked up a brochure about the history of the Castle while I was there and here is the short version:

“Charles Benedict traveled Europe rather than attend college. After becoming wealthy, he began construction of the castle in 1922 after his second marriage. After a year and a divorce, construction resumed again in 1926 after he was remarried. Named after his mother Castillo Isabella was finished in about five year later. During their time their there, Charles and his third wife entertained many well known people including Jack Warner of Warner Brothers and Edgar Bergan. Unfortunately, Charles died in 1938, although his wife lived there for another eleven years. She then sold it at auction. Three years later, the castle was resold to the Servite Order of the Catholic Church to be used as a Seminary. In 1971 the Servite Order sold it to the Southern California Teen Challenge the current owner.

Over the years the castle has been used as the setting for many movies such as Hunchback of Notre Dame, Bride of Frankenstein, 1948’s Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein and 1965’s Two On a Guillotine with William Conrad and Connie Stevens.”

You can learn more about Benedict Castle at:  http://www.benedictcastle.com/about

Be sure to take a look at the castle photos on the above page!

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A real reel Lawnmower


This is my Lawnmower, there are many like it but this one is mine.

I just took her apart for Spring maintenance last weekend. I sharpened the reels and cutter bar, repacked the grease in her wheels and generally made everything whirr and thwipp smoothly.

I have a power mower for the Summer days when Foxtails need to be bagged and tossed but this is my “daily driver” of a mower. The quiet sound of her reel spinning around, going along at my own pace with a nice, well cut yard at the end of my task is rewarding and good exercise too!

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Every garage should have a few Keys. They go to padlocks, bike locks, drill chucks yep, all kinds of Keys.


These are just a tiny example of the Keys that reside in my own Garage. I know for sure what some of them fit, others I have no idea!

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Rivers of America

Night has fallen on Rivers of America at Disneyland and the Riverboat Mark Twain casts a sparkly reflection.


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Not Just Junk

Jack stands and Jerry cans are useful for both Garden and Garage!


From my personal collection in the lathe house these are not just junk.

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Nine-tenths of the law

The little birds of early Spring have decided to war over who gets to sit on the utility pole out back.


They subscribe to the old adage about possession being nine-tenths of the law.

The Mourning Doves seem to not care as much since the big Ivy vine is no longer below the pole and give over to that noisy Mockingbird fellow fairly quickly. This may not continue since the Doves were the owners of the pole last year.


This afternoon the Mockingbird was ousted rather rudely by a pack of  Starlings from the tree across the street.I call them a pack because they are too aggressive to be a gentle flock!

The Starlings in the tree mass there throughout Spring and Summer and may just be hanging out over here for a good vantage point in the early afternoon. Feral cats have begun strolling beneath the tree in the hope something or somebird might tumble earthward.


So, the question is just how many little black Starlings did it take to wrench the utility pole from the Mockingbird? About a dozen!

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Cub Cadet by International Harvester

If your garden is large enough but not too large you could certainly Insist on an International Cub Cadet!




To learn a whole lot about the Interesting history of the International Cub Cadet follow the link to the Farm Collector site below.



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March comes in like a Lion

March comes in like a Lion…maybe.


Sky Watch Friday at sunset with a Santa Ana wind warning up for tomorrow and a forecast of 85 degrees.

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Handy Hammers


Always good to have a drawer full of Hammers Handy!IMG_0913

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