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Rust and Renovation

Rust is very popular among a certain group of people who love things in their natural state of aging, I am one of those people.

Now don’t get me wrong I like a shiny new thing now and again but I love the history of an item that has aged in place, doing the job it was made for through long years of heat, rain and all sorts of weather.


I went along as “the sidekick” to a tow yard/ Wrecking yard/private collection to check out some vintage gas pumps but there was a whole lot more to see!


The owner of the place went from “I don’t know that I am selling any gas pumps today” to “Wait a sec, let me get a key and show you the inside of these containers” as we walked the yard and he became more comfortable with us, found more common ground and generally were his kind of folks.

Rusty hood, flatbed stage, Westcoaster & Merry-go-round

Rusty hood, flatbed stage, Westcoaster & Merry-go-round

My friend bought a couple of pump panels and a few signs and I had a great time wandering around the place taking pictures, talking Jeeps and sharing tall tales.



Plus he had a Quonset hut…I have always wanted one of my very own.

All photos this week are straight out of my phone, it is all either of us remembered to bring since we were too excited about the junking trip while trying to look all calm and cool!

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Old, Obsolete Or Overlooked

Many items reside quietly in garages and gardens, on shelves, in lofts, under hedgerows, hidden away in the forgotten nooks and corners where they were once tucked away to remain safe for a next use that never arrived.


Antique shops are full of these estate and barn finds, waiting to begin again in another garage or home. They can be put to their original use or more often to an entirely new purpose as an item aged into a form of art.


This post covers the rest of my recent Arizona trip and the road home to Southern California.


Empty and Obsolete just awaiting a new owner with another idea in Skull Valley AZ



The way home via the road less traveled on a still hazy Spring morning.

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Fertizlier For Farm and Flower

Fertilizer weather simple or Formulated is Found in the Garage or Barn of every homeowner and Farmer across the land.

Vintage glass jar now Full of nails from my own garage collection was once Full of liquid Fertilizer in the 1950s.


I am of an age that I cannot shop for Fertilizer without  thinking about the story of President Lyndon Johnson and his colorful language.

It goes like this:

Lady Bird Johnson had friends out to the ranch and Lyndon came in while they were talking. He kept referring to ‘manure’. When he left, one of Lady Bird’s friends told her that she should tell him not to say ‘manure’ but to replace it with ‘fertilizer’. Her response? ‘My lord, do you have any idea how long it took me to get him to say manure!?!’

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Delco Distributor Parts

I have never actually used a Distributor cap out of one of these great looking Delco containers.


I have used countless numbers of these tune up kits however! This kit fits GM Delco Distributors from 1957-1973 V8 motor applications.


Most people who turned their own wrenches just kept one of these in the garage for the next tune up or to rescue a friend who had need of one in a hurry for a late night auto repair. They fit pretty much everything that was not Ford or Foreign!

The Distributor cap was often the cause (or when dried the cure) to a stalled Chevy sitting mid-puddle on a rainy day. Wade out there, pop the hood, pull the cap and dry the rotor very gently and then the cap insides, re-apply and 9 times out of 10 off you go again!

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ABC Wednesday In Your Garage

In keeping with my Garage and Garden theme I am sharing some vintage Cars I had the pleasure of seeing at The Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona California last weekend.

Which would you like in your garage?

IMG_0315A Copper and Cream Chevrolet Wagon perhaps?

IMG_0311Maybe a little something Chopped?

IMG_0350Or a Custom Crimson Cadillac?

IMG_0310I Choose a Cool Chevy to Cruise on a Cloudy So Cal afternoon.

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Antrol Ant poison

I am going to give round 14 of ABC Wednesday a theme for my posts: Garden and Garage Antiques and vintage products.

No signs will be included in this round.


Starting off with Letter A as in Antrol Ant poison! These little green bottles were embossed and the sides had a raised pebble pattern to mark them as being poison even if you couldn’t see it, only feel the bottle. Manufactured from the early 1920s through the early 1960s these bottles also were made in clear and Amber, most of the glass work was from Owens-Illinois Company which can be identified by the letter “I” in an oval of “()” like this : (I) .

Antrol really did work well because it was a syrup of Arsenic and sugar made to both lure and kill.

I don’t think Antrol in the original formula has been sold since the early 1960s. I remember seeing these little bottles in gardens well into the 70s though I am sure they were being refilled with some other ant killer.

Now that we have begun round 14 see more of the letter A at:

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Zerolene The Standard Motor Oil

Zerolene Motor oil and Grease was a product of Standard Oil Company of California, now Chevron.


I am sure lots of people across North America feel chilly as this bear on ice this week since folks from the Midwest to the East coast are dealing with below Zero weather.

This wraps up another round of ABC Wednesday and I want to say it has once again been a pleasure to meet and blog with all of you out there!

Thanks to Denise, Roger and the entire team at ABC Wednesday for their hard work all through the year!

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Xmas A Vintage Word

It turns out that the word “XMAS” as a contraction of Christmas is not a matter of modern slang or lazy writers.


The term goes back to written usage in the 16th century.

1913 XMAS greeting

1913 XMAS greeting

I fee a little better about it now and Xmas shall no longer annoy me!

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Western Auto’s Winter Wonderland

Western Auto was all at once a hardware, tire, garden, household goods and toy store. a place where anyone of any age could wander the aisles and dream of their next project or actually buy the parts for the one they were working on right then!


In December Western Auto also became a Winter Wonderland with their normal 1/2 a row toy department expanded with specials and displays all over the store  that included Toys! The tire department would have play size Delivery trucks with the logo of the tire brands or Western auto, housewares would have entire intricate toy size kitchens and the lumber department had Dollhouse kits and Lincoln logs!


This Christmas ad is from 1955.

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Fence signage

I really like this style of vintage chain link fence sign. This one happens to be local to Southern California and an advertisement for the company that installed the fence.


Other signs of this type are of course the ever Popular “Posted: No Trespassing” and sometimes the Produce company that owned a grove would Post one of their signs on a fence too. Security signs made it to the fence line as well “Private Patrol” and local Police Parking and tow away signs were often seen, some were Painted while others were Porcelain.

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