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Hazy Los Angeles Sunset

Last week I went to dinner at an amazingly delicious establishment in Silverlake, Black Hogg. Thank you Ayleen for this wonderful dining experience!

We arrived a little too early so backtracked down Sunset a little to spend some time at Barnsdall Park and view the exterior of Hollyhock House.

Hollyhock House is a Frank Lloyd Wright creation atop a hill in East Hollywood and though it is lovely in it’s own right the views from the surrounding grounds are real showstoppers even on a hazy evening.


North: Griffith Park Observatory


Northwest: The Hollywood sign and comm towers


West: The city and her people

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Letter H is for…Hollywoodland

Hollywoodland is perhaps the largest antique sign I will be posting for ABC Wednesday this round.Built as a real estate development advertising tool in 1923 on a hillside of Mt.Lee above the Hollywood District of Los Angeles the sign’s 43 foot tall letters became an iconic part of the landscape.


The housing development was never built  and by 1944 the sign became property of the city after years of decay and disrepair. In 1949 the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce removed the last 4 letters took over the care of the landmark, they still do so today in conjunction with the City of Los Angeles and The Hollywood Sign Trust.


The sign is not only large in size and scale it is a vessel for dreams larger oft times than their dreamers.

If Morpheus has a West Coast home it is surely atop these storied letters.

The sign still simply reads Hollywood today but the dreams continue, some are fulfilled, others turn nightmarish though most remain with their dreamers to be cherished and recalled with a wink and a smile while their lives play out across the canyons, valleys and beaches of Southern California.

Learn more about the Hollywoodland/Hollywood sign here:

Thanks to our team at  ABC Wednesday you can see more of the letter “H” here:

Also posting for Skywatch Friday:

Note: Through the efforts of The Hollywood Sign Trust’s efforts, the Sign received a fresh new paint job in 1995, courtesy of Dutch Boy Paints whose history is recounted a few pages back for the letter “D”!

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Picture Pretty Postcards

Letter “P” is for Postcards! The Photo shows Three random Postacrds of different types destined for my etsy shop at some Point.


The large building is a geographic Postcard depicting a Place like a City,Building or Monument. This one shows the Capitol Hotel in Topeka Kansas circa 1927.

The flowery one is a Birthday greeting with verse from approx. 1910

The last Postcard is a linen card which is noted by the Painterly colors and beige border, these are very sturdy cards and have held up well over the decades.

The scene is of Orange Groves in Southern California in the 1930s/40s.

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Sky Watch Friday A little more Mission

This week I have a couple more photos of our trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano.

The Courtyard with the Mission Bells from inside and the same bell wall on the exterior.  The third photo is of a very inquisitive Crow who caught my interest by following us for a portion of our walk.


See more of the sky above at:

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