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Rust and Renovation

Rust is very popular among a certain group of people who love things in their natural state of aging, I am one of those people.

Now don’t get me wrong I like a shiny new thing now and again but I love the history of an item that has aged in place, doing the job it was made for through long years of heat, rain and all sorts of weather.


I went along as “the sidekick” to a tow yard/ Wrecking yard/private collection to check out some vintage gas pumps but there was a whole lot more to see!


The owner of the place went from “I don’t know that I am selling any gas pumps today” to “Wait a sec, let me get a key and show you the inside of these containers” as we walked the yard and he became more comfortable with us, found more common ground and generally were his kind of folks.

Rusty hood, flatbed stage, Westcoaster & Merry-go-round

Rusty hood, flatbed stage, Westcoaster & Merry-go-round

My friend bought a couple of pump panels and a few signs and I had a great time wandering around the place taking pictures, talking Jeeps and sharing tall tales.



Plus he had a Quonset hut…I have always wanted one of my very own.

All photos this week are straight out of my phone, it is all either of us remembered to bring since we were too excited about the junking trip while trying to look all calm and cool!

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Old, Obsolete Or Overlooked

Many items reside quietly in garages and gardens, on shelves, in lofts, under hedgerows, hidden away in the forgotten nooks and corners where they were once tucked away to remain safe for a next use that never arrived.


Antique shops are full of these estate and barn finds, waiting to begin again in another garage or home. They can be put to their original use or more often to an entirely new purpose as an item aged into a form of art.


This post covers the rest of my recent Arizona trip and the road home to Southern California.


Empty and Obsolete just awaiting a new owner with another idea in Skull Valley AZ



The way home via the road less traveled on a still hazy Spring morning.

More of the letter “O” can be seen at :


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A California Christmas

I had an entirely different post planned for today but the magnificent views from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library changed all that.

My daughter and I went to see the display ” A California Christmas ” which included 23 trees festooned with themes about cities and regions of the Golden State, they were lovely and fun.


We were treated to this sunny vista from the patio dining area during our lunch.


Then we found out Santa Claus is piloting the freshly restored Marine One Helicopter for the season!

This is the very vehicle that served the Johnson administration forward through the Reagan Presidency and into the George Bush Sr. White House. We were invited to take a walk through tour of both Air Force One and Marine One, awe inspiring seems too small a term for the feeling of history surrounding you as you walk the very aisle LBJ trod and see the galley where in flight meals were prepared according to a menu planned by Nancy Reagan.


The sun was just setting in a blazing swath across the hills toward the Pacific ocean as we walked out through “Gipper’s Grove” toward the parking lot. This was a very nice Tuesday in Southern California.

See more of the sky above us all @:

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Abandoned Lake Elsinore Military School

June 22nd 2013

June 22nd 2013

Haunting and alluring in a state of active decay the aging Elsinore Naval and Military Academy was constructed in the late 1920s as part of the Southern California Athletic and Country Club, but the club never opened due to financial troubles and the coming depression.

Same building as above probably in the late 1940s

Same building as above probably in the late 1940s

In 1933, the stately building opened as a military school for boys in grades 1-12 opened. It averaged 150 to 200 students until it closed in 1977.The school played host and home to sons of wealthy parents, including foreign dictators and even the son of actor Bela Lugosi, of  “Count Dracula” fame.

The school has remained empty since 1977 suffering fire in the main lobby and the out buildings that housed classrooms burned down in the 1980s.  Vandalism, squatters and the weather take their toll each year. The facade beyond a ineffective chain link security fence appears tired and worn as it awaits restoration or a wrecking ball.

The old academy has become the creepy Overlook of Inland Southern California.

To see many more photos of this grand old building and learn more visit :

To enjoy more of Skywatch Friday :

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Memorial Day weekend in the USA

Could not think of a better way to Skywatch today than with a photo that includes the Stars and Stripes of the Flag in honor of Memorial Day.


This picture was taken in Burbank , CA  on Mother’s Day afternoon, May of 2010 while I was out Geocaching with my Son-in-law, George. We were at the statue of Dr. David Burbank, a dentist by trade he wisely purchased many tracts of land when he moved his practice to Southern California and the city of Burbank was named in his honor. Learn more ablit him here:

The skies today, May 24 2013 look almost identical with highs in the 70s, very nice for outdoor activities this long weekend.

Welcome Summer!

See more skies at :

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Gasoline, Grease and Garages

A Shaved & Slammed '48 Chevy Sedan Delivery to Guzzle Gasoline!

A Shaved & Slammed ’48 Chevy Sedan Delivery to Guzzle Gasoline!

I made my annual trek South to the Big 3 auto parts exchange (Fancy title for Great swap meet!) last weekend just in time for the letter G on ABC Wednesday!

This is one of the best antique auto swaps in the western United States. The rows run at least 5 directions and cover a total of 8-9 miles if you walk the entire thing, and I always do. The pavement around Quallcom Stadium (used to be Jack Murphy) in San Diego is lumpy and untamed. I had a Great time talking to vendors, buying Good old stuff and spending the afternoon walking in the sunshine working up an appetite for BBQ ribs afterwards!

Restored Gas pumps and Giant Grinder

Restored Gilmore Gas pump and Giant Grinder

Besides many Model A and T parts this meet has an amazing bunch of vendors who bring the contents of their Garages, sheds and shops to share, show and sell.

This guy had a really big antenna topper ;) oh wait that's a full size Gas station sign!

This guy had a really big antenna topper 😉 oh wait that’s a full size Gas station sign!

I never know what I will bring back from this one but the car is always full when I go home!

This post is going to be doing double duty this week for ABC Wednesday and Skywatch Friday because it was a Gorgeous day to Gather Goods!

See more of the letter G at:

Also for Skywatch Friday this week @:

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Skywatch Friday Humidity be gone!

Ppssstttttt, Autumn? You can come by early anytime this year and shoo away August ( she has not been a good guest!).

This is what 46% humidity looks like:

The pretty blue and clouds are a flimsy lie to cover the reality of dense,heavy air that does not move around and does not want you to either.

See more of the sky above (thanks Skywatch team!) at:

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Skywatch Friday Grand National Roadster Show!

Spending time at the GNRS this week Show opens to the public tomorrow. Here is a sneek peek at a fully blown,flame throwing coupe with awesome Gold leaf and pinstriped flames by Dave Whittle!

January  2012 in So Cal = Blue sky and 83 degrees!

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