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Rust and Renovation

Rust is very popular among a certain group of people who love things in their natural state of aging, I am one of those people.

Now don’t get me wrong I like a shiny new thing now and again but I love the history of an item that has aged in place, doing the job it was made for through long years of heat, rain and all sorts of weather.


I went along as “the sidekick” to a tow yard/ Wrecking yard/private collection to check out some vintage gas pumps but there was a whole lot more to see!


The owner of the place went from “I don’t know that I am selling any gas pumps today” to “Wait a sec, let me get a key and show you the inside of these containers” as we walked the yard and he became more comfortable with us, found more common ground and generally were his kind of folks.

Rusty hood, flatbed stage, Westcoaster & Merry-go-round

Rusty hood, flatbed stage, Westcoaster & Merry-go-round

My friend bought a couple of pump panels and a few signs and I had a great time wandering around the place taking pictures, talking Jeeps and sharing tall tales.



Plus he had a Quonset hut…I have always wanted one of my very own.

All photos this week are straight out of my phone, it is all either of us remembered to bring since we were too excited about the junking trip while trying to look all calm and cool!

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Delco Distributor Parts

I have never actually used a Distributor cap out of one of these great looking Delco containers.


I have used countless numbers of these tune up kits however! This kit fits GM Delco Distributors from 1957-1973 V8 motor applications.


Most people who turned their own wrenches just kept one of these in the garage for the next tune up or to rescue a friend who had need of one in a hurry for a late night auto repair. They fit pretty much everything that was not Ford or Foreign!

The Distributor cap was often the cause (or when dried the cure) to a stalled Chevy sitting mid-puddle on a rainy day. Wade out there, pop the hood, pull the cap and dry the rotor very gently and then the cap insides, re-apply and 9 times out of 10 off you go again!

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ABC Wednesday In Your Garage

In keeping with my Garage and Garden theme I am sharing some vintage Cars I had the pleasure of seeing at The Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona California last weekend.

Which would you like in your garage?

IMG_0315A Copper and Cream Chevrolet Wagon perhaps?

IMG_0311Maybe a little something Chopped?

IMG_0350Or a Custom Crimson Cadillac?

IMG_0310I Choose a Cool Chevy to Cruise on a Cloudy So Cal afternoon.

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Western Auto’s Winter Wonderland

Western Auto was all at once a hardware, tire, garden, household goods and toy store. a place where anyone of any age could wander the aisles and dream of their next project or actually buy the parts for the one they were working on right then!


In December Western Auto also became a Winter Wonderland with their normal 1/2 a row toy department expanded with specials and displays all over the store  that included Toys! The tire department would have play size Delivery trucks with the logo of the tire brands or Western auto, housewares would have entire intricate toy size kitchens and the lumber department had Dollhouse kits and Lincoln logs!


This Christmas ad is from 1955.

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Welcoming the Holiday Season at Radiator Springs, California Disney.


It is a little bit chilly out in the Red Rock Canyons tonight!

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Flange Signs

Flange signs offer two sides of the same story you might say since they are made to attach to a building or post by a Flange that allows for one sign to be seen from both sides, more eyes for the vintage advertising dollar!


Today I feel a little “tired” so I bring you the best example of the classic Fisk tires mascot who is ready to “re-tire” just as soon as that tire is Fixed or replaced!


Firestone tires also produced many signs in tin, porcelain and plastic. This is a very nice example of a porcelain over metal Flange sign that would let motorists know they could purchase Firestone products inside the shop where this was displayed.


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and as always thanks to the ABC WEDNESDAY team for all their work!

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Lovely Luggage Labels

Do you remember riding the train to a Vermont ski resort and returning with new labels on your solid sided luggage to show where you had been?

Me either…only in White Christmas, but wouldn’t it be nice?
Now with Vintage Luggage Labels you can dream of (or fondly remember) a whirlwind Summer touring the globe!
Luggage labels not only showed where the well-traveled tourist had been; they also served as an advertisement for railroads, airlines, ocean liners, and hotels. They became widely used during the end of the nineteenth century, and soon developed into an art form. During the middle of the twentieth century tourism had slowed down, and so did the production of luggage labels, making vintage travel and luggage labels valuable and sought after by collectors.

Lots of Lovely Luggage Labels are still available in good condition through ebay and Etsy as well as Antique shops . Reproductions are plentiful so if you are searching for originals be aware of this otherwise if they are for a project of scrapbooking or you would just like the artwork but in stable modern materials get the reproductions,the color and graphics are very well done.

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Just Jumbled Junk

Many items that are now considered collectible, vintage and antique also spent a portion of their shelf life being called JUNK!


It is true what they say “everything old is new again”.  Household and garage items are a good example as the items in the photo above were once considered Junk. The tin can of Check Shock automobile shock oil was once brand new, shining on the hardware store shelf, ready to help make a drivers ride more comfortable as well as prevent needless wear and tear on parts both automotive and human! The long wooden  box ensconced a  loaf of cheese that nourished a family as the main player in a cheese sandwich or sauce to make the vegetables of Summer still taste special in early March when they were thawed from the deep freeze chest in the basement.

This sort of thing was meant to be thrown away, it is the container or wrapping for the real product that was purchased and used long ago.

Some of them survived, saved by thrifty souls who used them to store other goods or put on a shelf because “there is a little bit left…someday I will need that” and that day never came along, the carton or can was pushed farther and farther back into the depths of the garage or kitchen cupboard.

Now is the time of being Junk! Spring cleaning,the sale of a home, a parents estate needing to be cleaned out swiftly, all are reasons to be tossed into the bin and and on to the landfill.


Now is also the time of a shrewd shopper at an estate or garage sale asking the folks running it about these things that linger on the shelf, Squirreled away,soiled and dusty but ready to move onward now that 40-60 years have gone by, now they are “Vintage Collectibles” and “Automobilia”.

Soon they will move into fresh kitchens, recreation rooms, garages and even now and again museums!

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Gasoline, Grease and Garages

A Shaved & Slammed '48 Chevy Sedan Delivery to Guzzle Gasoline!

A Shaved & Slammed ’48 Chevy Sedan Delivery to Guzzle Gasoline!

I made my annual trek South to the Big 3 auto parts exchange (Fancy title for Great swap meet!) last weekend just in time for the letter G on ABC Wednesday!

This is one of the best antique auto swaps in the western United States. The rows run at least 5 directions and cover a total of 8-9 miles if you walk the entire thing, and I always do. The pavement around Quallcom Stadium (used to be Jack Murphy) in San Diego is lumpy and untamed. I had a Great time talking to vendors, buying Good old stuff and spending the afternoon walking in the sunshine working up an appetite for BBQ ribs afterwards!

Restored Gas pumps and Giant Grinder

Restored Gilmore Gas pump and Giant Grinder

Besides many Model A and T parts this meet has an amazing bunch of vendors who bring the contents of their Garages, sheds and shops to share, show and sell.

This guy had a really big antenna topper ;) oh wait that's a full size Gas station sign!

This guy had a really big antenna topper 😉 oh wait that’s a full size Gas station sign!

I never know what I will bring back from this one but the car is always full when I go home!

This post is going to be doing double duty this week for ABC Wednesday and Skywatch Friday because it was a Gorgeous day to Gather Goods!

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C is for Classic Cars

This ABC Wednesday I had a wealth of photos taken this weekend at The Grand National Roadster Show since “C” is for Classic Cars.


They were all there at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, Chopped, Custom, Channeled, Cruisers, Convertibles and even a Couple Crew Cabs.


You may see in the previous post we had some light rain on move in day Thursday and I am here to say it continued in the on and off drizzle to downpour mode both Friday and Saturday. The sun pushed through just enough to keep it from being miserable in the afternoon so a good time was had by all.


Saturday at the GNRS is “Drive-In” day where local car guys can bring their pride and joy inside the show, park between the exhibit buildings and enjoy the prestige of taking part in “the Grandaddy” of car shows (this was the 64th year!)as more than an attendee.

The Antique, Classic and Collector vehicles spanned 3 centuries of production with Custom builds that just rolled onto the street in 2012 back to horseless Carriages from the late 1800s.

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