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Hazy Los Angeles Sunset

Last week I went to dinner at an amazingly delicious establishment in Silverlake, Black Hogg. Thank you Ayleen for this wonderful dining experience!

We arrived a little too early so backtracked down Sunset a little to spend some time at Barnsdall Park and view the exterior of Hollyhock House.

Hollyhock House is a Frank Lloyd Wright creation atop a hill in East Hollywood and though it is lovely in it’s own right the views from the surrounding grounds are real showstoppers even on a hazy evening.


North: Griffith Park Observatory


Northwest: The Hollywood sign and comm towers


West: The city and her people

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Leading edge


Rain clouds scuttling along the treetops form the leading edge of an incoming storm at sunset.

Weather forecasters are warning a real storm is due to hit Southern California in the wee hours of Friday morning.

I hope they are right this time, So Cal could sure use the rain.


These three little fellows are running South before the wind!

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Playing out front on Skywatch Friday

I was about to skip this week on Skywatch, not much to see of note here this week.


This afternoon we were all playing out front, neighbors,dogs and kids (we were supposed to be getting ready for a garage sale) when the sky turned beautiful, layered with dark and light wispy clouds in the warm air at sunset.

I noticed when I wrote this that some of us have started using the phrase “Playing out front” in the same casual way we did as kids.

As the weather warms slowly this Spring I encourage you all to take a moment to Play out front with whoever else can come out and play…may that moment turn into hours.

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O is for October

The letter “O” is for OCTOBER!

A month of Autumn leaves,pumpkins and straw bales, of spooky scarecrows, whooshing wind and starry nights.



Early evening in October, Cupids Drive In,Corona, CA    late 1950s

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ABC Wednesday Gray and Golden skywatch Friday

Just when I thought there was little to see at the end of a very busy Tuesday afternoon the entire color of the room changed.

Beams of Golden light lined the edges of Gray clouds that had rolled up from the Southeast. The soft. burnished Gold of the sinking sun infused a sky heavy with  potential  moisture of rain that never fell.

After the Golden Gray had fallen prey to approaching nightfall rich magenta hues rolled and roiled through the cloudy Southern California sunset.

This is for both ABC Wednesday :


Skywatch Friday:

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Skywatch Friday Sunset in the Round

Last night Inland Southern California was treated to a sunset in the round. Words and photos do the real thing little justice but here they are for you to enjoy  with their compass points as titles.




Straight up




See more of the sky above at:




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Skywatch Friday In The Order They Were Received

Monday found Inland Southern California Hot and humid with coastal clouds washing in from the Pacific in the West and Monsoon rains and flooding to the East in the desert and mountain regions.

We had no rain here just light cloud cover and close sticky air.

At sunset the sky rewarded us for the long uncomfortable day with a cooling breeze and these quickly shifting clouds. The photos are in the order in which they appeared in the sky from early sunset to an almost full moon behind magenta tinged twilight.

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Skywatch Friday Hot Seasonal Gifts

Yes folks we have the Hot Seasonal Gifts for July, nothing to buy at all!

Just make it through another  day in the high 90s with enough light cloud cover to feel close,still and uncomfortable outdoors and just tolerable indoors and you can be rewarded with these kinds of sunsets as a gift!

Summer has arrived in Southern California this week in it’s true form. We all go outside as little as possible during the peak heat hours (Noon-Six p.m.) scurrying from shade to shadow if we must go out. A close parking space to the store is not as valuable as a shady one these days so cars cruise the lots searching for the few spaces graced by spindly planter bound trees. There is no danger of birds dropping by as they have sought deeper shade hours ago themselves.

When the twilight arrives people come out to water their crispy lawns,kids still play in sprinklers and neighbors chat about the day just gone by while they catch a cool breeze.

See more of the sky we share at:

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